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In today’s piece, I will be looking at three of the most popular automated roulette betting tools. In recent years, more and more of them have gone on sale with different quality and results that you expect. Roulette Bot Pro was one of the first to go on sale in spring 2009.

As time has passed it has been updated twice and it gets better with each update. It has a programmed few different roulette strategies and can play on several casino software platforms. Perhaps the best feature about it is the real money simulator, ideal for test systems. If it is in test mode it turns the wheel free and pursues a hypothetical bankroll so that you know what would have happened if you were actually placing bets were.

Another program called Money Maker Machine, which has a steep learning curve attached, but it’s over, it’s this can get pretty good. They have numerous software programs, the main one being, RSS and the only limit to make it your imagination and your ability to program them. Learn how you can use it to take a while and most roulette players do not have the patience.

The best program available at the moment is a better and cheaper version of Roulette Bot Pro Roulette called assault. They both look quite similar, and the systems are quite similar, although roulette attack does have a few more. Roulette attack can also test systems with their analyzer mode and all systems are fully configurable. This means that you decide when Roulette Attack sets how much betting and betting it.

Another plus point for roulette assault is the price of only $ 49.95, half the price of Roulette Bot Pro. There is also a free trial with roulette attack so that you can test it for a few days, which will help you decide whether you want to buy it.

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