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Introduction to collecting silver strike token.

Silver strike tokens, which are also called coins have, usually issued by casinos in the United States, Canada and even on cruise ships. People continue to win silver coins from strike casinos, but many of these tokens can be collected from other places. As the price of silver rose, remained more and more casinos output of silver strike token in mind that the body of each coin is made of fine silver. Is Anyone interested in a collection of these tokens or do you want to an existing collection can read after the introduction on silver strike token.

What Do silver strike tokens from?
You know you have a silver strike token, when it come from a casino, is made of fine silver and has a picture on the coin. Some of these tokens also have a brass outer ring and a silver town. Silver strike token to come usually in a clear plastic protective cover. There is limited output token, which primarily made of silver. Some even have a mint mark along with the name of the casino and an image with aesthetics. The size of a single token is anywhere from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches.

What are the values of silver strike token?
Silver strike tokens are starting in a series of values of two dollars and go all the way up to two hundred dollars. The denominations are unique and each has its own par value ($ 2, $ 3, $ 5, $ 7, $ 10, $ 12, $ 20, $ 28, $ 40, $ 100 and $ 200). The ten-dollar coins are the ones. Having a brass outer ring Generally, the more silver the coin contains the higher the denomination. Sometimes you can find silver strike token with 24k outer rings.

Forty dollars strike tokens have an outer ring of electroplated gold as well. Some of them have even coloring, but this is actually very rare. In fact, some of the most valuable and collectable forty U.S. dollars token coloring.

Silver strike tokens can be redeemed for cash at par in the casinos. Sometimes people would find that once a coin has been redeemed, the casino would cancel strikes. Do not like silver strike called off to collect tokens collectors as the least attractive.

Types of silver strike tokens
There are a wide range of silver strike tokens that can be really appreciated by the collector. Some are unique to certain casinos while others in a particular subject. Some casinos have great strike tokens that are gold-plated brass and are issued in groups of four. These were themes strike a rule and were given as gifts to good customers. Mint silver strike tokens sometimes have a single image that is on the front and back.

Where Do silver strike tokens from?
As mentioned above, originally came silver strike tokens from slot machines in casinos, if the aggregate of these tokens were at their height. Casinos in different states, the airport in Las Vegas, and cruise lines issued these coins. The coins would have been attached to slot machines seen and would come up with every victory. Some coins were too large to fall off the machine. No longer issue casinos silver strike tokens, but you can collect them from other people and online sources such as

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